God fucking dammit!! Why did they have to kill Richard Harrow in Boardwalk Empire, WHY!? He was the best god damn character right in front of Jimmy(and Im still salty about his death). Seriously man, fuck this show. He was literally the main attraction for me. I don’t even think Im going to bother with the next season now. Who am I kidding, I actually wont. Thats it, with the death of Harrow, Boardwalk Empire is also dead. Farewell, it was good while it lasted.

I mean seriously, Eli lives after backstabbing his brother for the 100th time and the cunt gillian is still alive and kicking, no man, fuck all of that.

Green Lantern & Young Justice Cancelled


First Spectacular Spider-Man and now Green Lantern and Young Justice, what has the world come to? Want to know the truly tragic thing about this? Annoying Orange got renewed for another season; if that doesn’t hurt I don’t know what will.

Cartoon Network practically set Young Justice to die by not only putting it on hiatus twice within like what, six months? But also because they don’t advertise the damn thing, how are people going to watch something they don’t even know airs!? Green Lantern is another one, just when it was starting to get good. I guess such is the life of a comic book super hero show. Anyway, there are two petitions to bring back both these wonderfully well written shows: