Too Many Games Too Little Time!


Ah, i just finish buying Anarchy Reign at my local game store, they had it on sale for $20 so I just couldn’t resist. But boy, my backlog is already so huge. Next game on my list to complete(or more like till I feel like I’m done with) is LittleBigPlanet Karting(which is on sale on PSN; $10 for plus members, it’s a steal for that price). And my steam backlog, oh the horror. I have over twenty games on that thing that I still got to get through. I’m currently playing Scribblenauts Unlimited on my PC whenever I find myself not playing my PS3. Got mid terms next week as well, so most likely wont be playing anything this week. Maybe I can squeeze some Karting or Ni No Kuni(which is just AMAZING might I say). I don’t know How long Karting is but I might be able to post a review for that next week.