I Need a Wired 360 Control

While playing Sleeping Dogs I realized that a bunch of the console ported games I have for PC have crappy controls. Sure, I use my PS3 controller but that is also quite frustrating because of the shoulder buttons plus the constant charging from the PC messes up the battery(this has already happened to one of my previous controllers unfortunately). I couldn’t find a layout to my liking(360 style triggers and dpad and left stick placed where they are on the PS3 controller). I did want to get some fancy looking Razer controller but it was like 80 dollars and I’m not about to spend that much on a god damn control, honestly who has money like that for just ONE control? so I’ll just have to settle with the first party wired control, the good news is that it’s only 30 bucks on Newegg so that’s pretty sweet. I’ll order it tomorrow and hopefully it gets here by Friday or Saturday so I can use it during the weekend.