Games I Want to See in E3

I haven’t posted anything in a while because in all honesty nothing interesting has been going on in my life(social and gaming). I have playing Smite recently, might post an impression on that in a week or two. But besides April is ending pretty soon which means E3 is 1 month closer(when is it, mid June?) so I figured I’d make a short list of games I’d like to see during E3. Now obviously I want to see new IPs but since I can’t predict them this list is mostly stuff we know of or exist in some shape or form, also if anyone is reading this and remembers the games I wanted to see at E3 2013 knows the two obvious games that’ll be on this list so I’ll just get those out-of-the-way now.

Fallout 4

God dammit Bethesda, I know you’re making the freaking game, let us see it already! Also a few other notes, NO XBOX EXCLUSIVE DLC! & no cross gen, only current gen systems please. I’m hoping the gameplay improves on Fallout New Vegas instead of going on Fallout 3(which was the one developed by Bethesda). Few other things I want to see on Fallout 4 is a better third person camera, I like to see my character, after all, what’s the point of having a customized character if I can’t even see him/her, hell, I can’t even see their feet. Which is another thing I hope Fallout 4 has, letting me see my character’s body when I look down. There are some mods that already do this on PC but it would be nice to have that in there day one. Also no dumbing down, please. Skyrim was really shallow because it was dumb downed to appeal to casuals. It’s so bad in fact that personally I find the vanilla gameplay absolutely unplayable, it’s extremely boring.


Super Smash Bros 4

Obvious is obvious. This is the game that will make me purchase a Wii U. I want this game to be playable at E3, which will most likely happened for at least the 3DS version since that version comes out in the Summer(fingers crossed that it’s no later than mid July).  Also for the love of god give me my Mewtwo! And like I’ve mention in my previous post I still wan’t to see Ridley just to have someone who’s the complete opposite of Little Mac(Huge and is only good in the air). Now with the two obvious ones out the way lets start with games I haven’t mentioned before. 

Pokken Fighter

God dammit, I WANT THIS! Since I was little I’ve always wanted a Pokemon fighting game(which is most likely why my favorite characters in Smash are always the Pokémon… besides Jigglypuff, seriously, kick her out already please). If this does exist one of the things I hope for is that it’s not a super technical fighter like Street Fighters and the like. I want the mechanics and moves to be easy to understand and pull off but also have enough depth that it doesn’t get boring after a few hours. I know that’s asking for a lot but Nintendo has done it before with Melee. I want the fights to be like how the anime battles are, those have always been awesome.

LittleBigPlanet 3

We have rumors that this game is in development and most of the times when its rumors dealing with Sony it ends up being correct. Now if I’m remembering right I believe according to the rumor its Sumo(the developers of Sonic Allstar Racing) working on the game. I don’t remember the platform but I hope it’s on PS4. After LBP2 & Vita I honestly don’t know where the series could possibly go next except full 3D platforming like Project Spark. LBP is one of the few series that I played almost all day when it launched(it’s also the first game I ever pre ordered!). Seriously, my brother and I went to pick up the game as soon as GameStop opened and played it to around 2am! Only time we took a break was when we had to use the bathroom and when we showered, that’s right, not even to eat we stopped; we just ate in our room while playing instead.

Gravity Rush 2

This one is a bit odd, Sony pretty much just stealth teased this back during TGS of last year I believe and we Hadn’t heard anything since. Gravity Rush is one of the best Vita games and is most certainly the best launch title the Vita had. The story was pretty lame but the characters were charming and the sequel could fix many if not all the issues I had with the original(confusing story, combat needs improvement, etc.) Although I don’t see Sony giving any attention to the Vita whatsoever at E3 because hey, it’s been two years and as far as they could care the Vita didn’t even exist besides for an ultra late port of Borderlands 2 that no one asked for (still waiting of Type-0).

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Oh boy, that debut gameplay last year was jaw dropping and was my personal game of show. Now a lot of people have issues with what Konami did with Ground Zeroes but fortunately for me I had a $25 coupon for GameStop that I had no intentions of using so when Konami announced that Ground Zeroes will now only be $30 on current gen consoles I figured why not, even if I do beat it in like an hour and a half it’ll only cost me the price of a movie ticket so its alright. So while yes,  the game is extremely overpriced it basically serves as a prologue and demo to the Phantom Pain, and from what I played I think we’re going to be in for a real treat once MGS5 releases. The game definitely does have a few quarks and while its been a long time since I played it 2 of my personal issues with it is that enemies spawn out of thin air and no knocking to lure enemies to you. Issues that I’m sure can be fixed by the time The Phantom Pain releases.


There are plenty of other games I also hope to see at E3, including new IPs like I previous mentioned but these are the standouts that I truly hope that are present during this years conference. What games are you looking forward to seeing?


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