Smash Bros Nintendo Direct Impression


Boy oh boy what a Direct that was. I have to admit, was I looking forward to SSB4? Yea, of course, but, I wouldn’t say that I was excited about it. That has completely changed after that Direct though, I’m beyond hype. The only way that I could possibly be more excited about it is if they showed Mewtwo with a complete overhaul(because like I’ve stated previously, I do love me some Mewtwo but there is no denying that he was complete ass in Melee). Speaking of Mewtwo, Sakurai, you son of a bitch, can’t believe I fell for that bait and switch with Greninja. More on Greninja on a little later though. Can you believe that we’ll be able to play Smash THIS Summer?! Holy shit, man, that’s insane. I hope to God though that by Summer 2014 they don’t mean late August – any time in September. Seriously, fuck that; might as well release in the Fall if that’s what they mean. School starts at that time, I don’t want to be in school when it comes out cause then how the hell am I supposed to fully enjoy it? Hoping its July at the latest.

At first I was confused as to why they’d release the 3DS version first but after thinking about it, it makes perfect sense. Not to say that the 3DS version is gimped or anything because saying that would be a disservice to it, but at the same time let’s be real; the main event is the Wii U version. The 3DS version coming out in the Summer is great for many reasons, satisfies our SSB needs, releases in a season that for some stupid reason very few games come out(most games should come out in the Summer, that’s when I have the most free time. Screw the holiday season, I only get a week off.) so there’s little to no competition, and also it won’t cannibalize the Wii U version’s sales(because after all, there are way more 3DS owners than Wii U, hell, most folks don’t even own a Wii U), which will be coming out during Winter(bet money its late November). So this time around there’ll be no transformation characters, instead all transformations now get their own slot, which is a great move on their part. 

Sure the transformations are cool on paper and add to a characters uniqueness but most of the time if someone wants to play as Shiek, well, they just want to play as Shiek which puts them at a disadvantage since their short one move. Plus both Shiek & Zero Suit Samus(especially the latter) seem to have gained a lot from it. ZSS, judging from the small glimpse we got of her actually looks like a character that’s worth playing as now. Also dat ZSS getting cut comment…! I was actually believing him for a second too. Also with Pokemon Trainer cut I wonder if Charizard is taking his place. Seems like a waste to me to cut out Squirtle and Ivy, their move set is practically done, especially would be odd throwing away two characters with a unique move set when Toon Link is returning and still being a clone. I guess I can see them being cut because “TOO MANY POKEMANS!!” when in all honesty there really aren’t, if anything Mario has the most, besides not only does Pokemon have the most characters that can EASILY be made into a fighter(over 700!!), each one could have a unique moveset bringing something new to the table, and lastly its their SECOND best-selling franchise(hell, for all I know it could be number 1 as of this posting, I don’t really bother much with sales data). So let’s talk Greninja.

God dammit what a troll Sakurai is. I kid you not when I say my jaw dropped in excitement when I saw the shadow of Greninja(who at the moment I thought was Mewtwo). I actually screamed out “YES, MEWTWO’S BACK ,BABY!!” then my excitement dropped immediately once they showed the water shuriken. For a few seconds I was pretty pissed that I not only did I fall for the bait and switch, but I fell for it extremely hard. But I wasn’t annoyed by his announcement because he’s one of the best Pokemons of gen 6(and is the best starter in gen 6). He looks like he’s all about speed and I like it. Hope he’s a fun character. Also please include his shiny color Sakurai, I needs it!

All in all this was the most badass direct yet. I can’t wait to see what else they show at E3 smash related, also again, for the love of God come out in early Summer. Before I finish this post I’d like to mention a few more things though; Little Mac is without a doubt the coolest looking new comer confirmed so far. He looks like a freaking beast! Also with him having an alternate costume I hope everyone else gets at least 1 alternate, that would be great. And finally, god damn that Ridley trolling. Jesus man, just tell us if he’s playable or not(although as of now I’m leaning on him not being playable). Stop trolling us so bad. Not a fan of Metroid(don’t shoot me please) but I got to admit I’d love to see Ridley playable, just so we have someone who’s the complete opposite of Little Mac, a monster in the air but is just trash on the ground, it would be really interesting to see. Well, until next time folks!

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