Top 3 Games I Saw at E3

The last two years of E3 have been pretty underwhelming, I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. However, with new consoles coming to us later this year we got to see plenty of new games, and even new IPs. Some games were pretty boring(I’m looking at you, Ryse) but a lot other games look very impressive. One thing I noticed with a lot of next-gen games is that a lot seem to be going open world. Something I welcome with open arms, I love open world games, hopefully these games are packed with content, and easter eggs as well. For once in a long time I enjoyed a majority of the games, like at least 8 out of every 10; I was very impressed. There were three games that stuck out to me the most though, these three are presented in no particular order.

Project Spark

I ADORE LittleBigPlanet, it’s one of my favorite franchises to release this generation, as a matter a fact I’d go as far as to say its one of my favorite franchises of all time, up there with Fallout & Smash Bros. When Microsoft showed Project Spark at their press conference I was in aw. It’s everything that I want for LBP3 and then some. I love games that allow you to create games within their games, its why I love LBP so much. It looks like you can make anything with this game, there was some press saying that they even showed off a JRPG with stats and everything; that’s freaking insane! I was disappointed it was only coming to Xbox One since like I’ve stated before, I have no intention of ever buying one; but it’s also coming to 360 and…. wait for it…. PC!! The only thing that worries me about the game is that it’s Free to Play, I’m not a fan of those but with a game this ambitious I’m willing to look past that and give it a fair shot. I can’t wait to find out more about this game.

Final Fantasy 15

I want to believe this game will be good, I really want all the years of anticipation to all be worth it. Now that the game has been renamed as a main entry it gives me more faith that we’ll eventually see it, but maybe not next year(although lets keep our fingers crossed anyway). The game looks stunning, and I like the idea of a fantasy game based on reality. What I’m guessing they mean by that is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a fantasy but deals with real issues. What worries me however is that they’re already planning sequels. They’ve been working on this game for like what, 6 years? How about you worry more on finishing this one and if fans actually want a direct sequel then you make it? I’d rather not have another Final Fantasy 13 scenario again next-gen. Anyway, the combat looks really cool, I like how you can just cycle between weapons on the fly to make some pretty sweet combos. Also something my friend pointed out to me is that this is the first main entry FF game that’ll be an action RPG. He doesn’t like that but at this point I’m open to any FF game as long as it doesn’t have Lightning or anything to deal with the shitty FF13 universe. Hopefully this game returns the Final Fantasy to its former glory, BELIEVE!

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

I still have no idea if this is MGS5 or if we’re supposed to call it MGS V. Naming aside this game made my jaw drop, it looks absolutely stunning. It looks like a CGI movie, hell, at first I thought it was CGI until gameplay started and it shows that it actually plays this way as well. My mind was fucking blown. If this is what next-gen looks like in the BEGINNING  I can’t even imagine what it’ll look like near the end. Not only did it look graphically amazing but the gameplay looked just as good. I really liked the little touches, like leaning on the side of the horse to avoid detection. I’m also intrigued by where the plot is going as well. I admire that Kojima is so ballsy enough to attack subjects like torture and child soldiers. That scene where a soldier was electrocuting that girl? Ouch. Let’s not even mention the director’s cut version of the E3 trailer(lol, director’s cut of a trailer. Only you, Kojima.) I’d be lying to you if I told you I’m a MGS pro but just because I don’t know everything doesn’t stop me from enjoying these games and their sometimes wacky plot lines. I’m guessing this will also be the game where Big Boss becomes the bad guy that we’re supposed to hate later on. This game will definitely be a candidate for game of the year.

There you have it, my 3 favorite games at E3. Runner ups are Super Smash Bros(Wii Fit Trainer killed it for me, fucking waste.), The Division(another beautiful and interesting game but I’m not a fan of the whole MMO aspect.), and lastly, The Witcher 3( I didn’t see enough, I want to see MOAR!)

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