I Totally Want a Galaxy Note 8.0

While trying to remember my lines for my final acting scene I got bored and started looking at things I’d like to buy but simply don’t have the money for(something I do very often, to ignore doing my homework). With my graduation approaching in about two weeks my parent’s told me they’d get me something. I told them not to though since I’m already old enough to just work and buy whatever I want myself, but they’re insisting so who am I to argue with them, eh šŸ˜› ? So back on topic, I googled the Surface Pro, a tablet I’ve previously mentioned that I wanted. unfortunately it’s still a really expensive piece of kit and has flaws that I simply cannot forgive for the asking price. Then I went to look up some android tablets and after a lot of research and debating I decided that I’d much prefer Galaxy Note 8.0 over the Nexus 7. The pen is what really sold me on the Note, I was worried about it thinking my palm was the pen but it apparently has excellent palm rejection so that’s great for when I want to draw or take some notes. As a super gaming nerd I spend a lot of time doing game related things, and while I don’t know much about coding that doesn’t stop me from writing down some game ideas and refining them as time goes on. While I’m not the greatest artist, the pen would also be nice to draw characters as well, to get the basic idea of what I’d like them to look like. The only negative about the Galaxy Note 8.0 I’ve found is that it’s a tad expensive for an 8 inch tablet. Luckily good ol’ Amazon has ’em for $25 cheaper than their normal price(which is $400). So I guess when I get it I’ll share my experience here, but I don’t expect getting it anytime soon, maybe mid June or early August.

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